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nail technician course

Nail Technician - Two Day Course $899


This is a two-day intense hands-on nail course ideal for persons who have no prior knowledge of Manicure nor artificial nails experience. It Prepares students with critical knowledge and skills to enter the nail technology industry.

The curriculum concentrates on :

- Ethics & Business 

- Marketing tools

-Sterilization, Sanitization, and bacteriology 

-Basic Manicure

-Acrylic Application 

-Shaping & Filing 


 16 Hrs

Couture De Beaute' Starter Kit  Extra $100

Certificate of completion 

1 Model Required Day 2


Coming Soon 2020


Eyelash Extension Course 


Classic Eyelash Extension

Classic style- extensions,applied 1 extension per 1 natural lash.The length and curve are chosen according to the condition of clients natural lash and facial features 


Hybrid Eyelash Extension- Hybrid Style extension is a combination of both the classic and volume style eyelash extension.


Volume Eyelash Extension -Volume Style Extension-Thinner and lighter extensions are used which allows for up to 10 extnsions to be applied per 1 natural lash .