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Job Description:Professional Barber

Brief Description:

This Position consists of cutting, trimming,  shaping  and shaving of hair.


- Must be mature and responsible

- Eyebrow shaping and trimming

-Cutting fading and outlining

- Must keep work station clean and sanitize tools such as scissors, sheer, blades and combs


Experience: At least two (2) years` experience working in a professional salon

Qualification and Requirements : Vocational Training or Certification or barber license

-Ability to give full attention to what people are saying, to actively look for ways to help people and adjust actions to others`actions.



- Dependability: Jobs requires you being reliable, responsible and dependable and fulfilling obligations.

-Attention to Detail- Jobs require being careful about details and thorough in completing work task

- Integrity- Job requires you being honest and ethical

- Self Control- Jobs requires maintaining composure and keeping emotions in check,controlling anger and avoiding aggressive behavior,even in very difficult situations.

-Cooperation- job requires you being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-nature, cooperative attitude


Wage: Compensation plus employee benefits


Start Date: coming soon 2020